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If You Heard What I Heard


In May of 2020, after watching another news report of an antisemitic incident, and recognizing an alarming rise in antisemitism in general, Carolyn Siegel knew that she had to act. The grandchild of two Holocaust survivors, she recalled the stories her grandparents told her while she was growing up of what they lost, and how they survived. She couldn’t help but think if more people today heard what she, and her fellow 3G’s (third generation Holocaust survivors) heard, we wouldn’t see as many antisemitic incidents. Yet, less than 100 years later, more than 70% of today’s youth does not know about the Holocaust.

This is the last generation that will ever hear their grandparents’ stories first-hand, in the same room, directly from those who lived through the horrors. If You Heard What I Heard’s mission is to capture the stories of grandchildren of survivors, to drive awareness, keep their grandparents’ memories alive, and tell the stories in a way that resonates for today. With the survivor generation dwindling, it is now the responsibility of their children and grandchildren to tell their stories now and in the future.

If You Heard What I Heard is a digital collection of interviews of grandchildren of Holocaust survivors, recounting the pain, loss, and physical and emotional scars of their grandparents. What you’ll hear is a secondhand account of Holocaust survivors harrowing journeys, devastating loss and inspiring resilience.

As Carolyn states, “This project leverages the tools we have today, in film, social media, and the digital space, to capture the stories of grandchildren of Holocaust survivors. This project aims to make their stories relatable for today, as if you were sitting down and listening to a friend share their family story. The hope is that the stories will relate in such a way that those watching will be interested in learning more and watching longer interviews from survivors themselves.” If You Heard What I Heard, You Would Never Forget.

For more information, visit www.ifyouheardwhatiheard.com.

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