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Mimouna: Maghrebi Mint Tea


Recipes to Celebrate Mimouna

All recipes are courtesy of Ezina Le Blanc Hoff, who is helping to organize the Momouna event at Congregation Or Ami in Calabasas on April 30.

Maghrebi Mint Tea ­is tea is the first thing prepared to welcome friends and family into a Moroccan home. It is usually served by pouring it a foot or two above the glass. ­The higher the pour the more foam it produces which gives the tea more texture and a fuller body.

It is usually given in three servings.

According to an old Moroccan saying, the first glass of tea is as sweet as a rich good life, the second as strong as love, and the last as bitter as death.

To prepare basic Moroccan mint tea, use Chinese green gunpowder loose tea. It’s in a green tin and you can find it at most grocery stores. For holidays and celebrations, we flavor the mint tea. I personally use rosebuds in my tea preparation, because I love the look of it when I serve it. In winter I add cinnamon or cloves to ward off a cold.


1 tablespoon of Gunmetal Tea leaves

3 tablespoons of white sugar

3 cups of boiling water.

1 large bunch of mint leaves.

Rose Water or Orange Blossom water (optional)


Put 1 tablespoon of tea leaves in a teapot.

Boil water in a separate kettle.

Pour one cup of boiling water into the teapot. Move it around in a circle 7 times to clean the leaves. Pour this water through the teapot down the sink. Your leaves are now clean.

Pour the remaining water into the teapot. Leaving one inch for the tea to breathe.

Add sugar.

Put the teapot on the stove and allow it to boil for 3 minutes.

Add the mint leaves and allow to boil another minute or until it starts to foam.

Remove from the heat.

Add Rosewater or Orange blossom water.

Serve by pouring 12 to 24 inches from above the glass.

Serve with date cookies or pastries.

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