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By Michal Havivian

Charred Tomatoes Over Rice

Charred Tomatoes Over Rice

Michal Havivian of the Havivian Farm has a simple yet flavorful dish featuring sun-ripened tomatoes charred to perfection. Serve charred tomatoes over steamed rice and season with sumac, salt and olive oil.

“This recipe is part of an Asif collection highlighting “Baladi” produce, emphasizing the importance of seasonal and locally sourced ingredients,” explains Chico Menashe, CEO of Asif: Culinary Institute of Israel.

Michal’s farm, located in Mateh Yehuda, Israel, is part of Asif’s “The Flavours Mosaic” project, which highlights outstanding food establishments across Israel.

“Havivian Farm grows excellent organic produce and promotes direct agriculture within the community,” Menashe says.


4 large field tomatoes

6 cups hot steamed white rice

3 teaspoons sumac


Fine local olive oil (optional)

To serve: Large bunch of mixed fresh green (such as garden cress, watercress, parsley, basil and tarragon)


Roast the tomatoes over an open grill or the gas ame of a stove until they are so and charred. You can also roast the tomatoes in a dry, hot pan, turning them occasionally.

Place the charred tomatoes on the warm rice and slice them open. Sprinkle the sumac, season with salt and drizzle the olive oil on top.

Serve with fresh greens and herbs. 

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