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Nosh Passover

Spago’s Interfaith Passover Seder Gefilte Fish



Karp, White­sh and Pike enough to cleaned

and boned, to yield 2 lbs meat

Head of Napa Cabbage

2oz each ­fine diced onion

2oz each ­fine diced celery

2oz each ­fine diced carrots

1/2 cup fi­sh stock

1 whole egg

1/2 cups bread crumbs

Salt and pepper to taste

A pinch sugar

1 tablespoon chopped tarragon

1 tablespoon chopped parsley

1 tablespoon chopped chives

1 tablespoon chopped chervil

1 tablespoon chopped dill


Saute mirepoix (onion, celery and carrots) and cool. Mix with fish and grind on 3/16 plate (or chop up ‑ne with knife). Mix stock and bread crumbs to make panada. Mix everything together by hand then paddle lightly in the kitchen aid to combine (or mix well with hands). Taste and adjust. Roll in blanched napa cabbage leaves and lay on sheet pan with parchment add fish stock, cover tightly with parchment and foil and bake slowly until cooked through. Serve cold or room temp with red and white horseradish (to make the red horseradish be sure to use a roasted beet).

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