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Mishegoss: Kosher Style


Kosher Salt: The Real Scoop!

Did you know that table salt is just as kosher as “kosher salt”? The term “kosher” on salt packaging actually refers to the size of the salt crystal, not its kashrut status. Table salt is made from mined deposits and undergoes a refining process to remove impurities. It is often enriched with iodine for added nutrition. Kosher salt, on the other hand, is a coarse salt that has historically been used in draining blood from meat to adhere to Kosher laws. While it may not be inherently kosher, the larger grain size facilitates the extraction of blood during meat  preparation. However, not all “kosher salts” are actually kosher, so it’s important to look for the hescher (kosher symbol),to ensure it meets kosher standards and doesn’t contain any non-kosher additives.

Is My Oven Kosher?

All appliances are not the same! Check out GE’s latest ovens, ranges, and refrigerators that offer enhanced Shabbos Mode! With the Shabbos Keeper’s built-in Jewish calendar every Shabbat and Jewish holiday will be set for your needs. The application can automatically control your refrigerator’s interior lighting, automatic defrost, compressor and cooling system, door switch, and sensors. For ovens, the application will allow you to open the door at any time even while the oven is running; and can go into automatic warm mode or cycle between warm and bake schedules for your Yom Tov meals. 

In 2021, the Orthodox Union proudly announced that the GE ovens with this technology became the first-ever certified kosher ovens for use on Shabbat and Yom Tov.


Kosher is Going Up!

According to Future Market Insights (FMI), the kosher food market is thriving and on the rise! Its value of over $42 billion in 2023 is expected to reach more than $78 billion by 2033. FMI’s research found that the growth in demand is not limited to the Jewish market, but is coming from all religious communities. The study highlighted that people are becoming more health-conscious and seeking wholesome, allergen-free food products, which is driving the increase in demand for kosher food. Furthermore, new consumer segments are placing their trust in the authenticity of kosher food.

Kosher MREs

When a USS Navy ship is about to set sail and kosher meals are needed Labriute goes into action. Labruite Meals is the only approved supplier of kosher rations by the Department of Defense worldwide and supplies ready-to-eat kosher meals to all military and National Guard branches. Sample Glatt Kosher MRES come in many options including, Chicken Royale with brown rice, Hickory Smoked Beef, Jalapeno Curry Beef, Pasta Marinara, and Veggie Chili. We are all thankful that our Jewish service members can meet the rigorous requirements of the armed forces and that they do not need to sacrifice their religious beliefs to stay properly nourished. 


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